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Pozvánka na Majstrovstvá Európy žien pod 23 rokov

Milan 24 April 2018
European Confederation Raffa
Their Addresses

Mr President,
Dear Executives,

Subject: Individual and Team Women and Under 23 European Championships

after various vicissitudes, due to the defection of the Federation of Cyprus and to particularly difficult time and crisis throughout Europe, thanks to the collaboration of the Italian Federation ,and more precisely thanks to the availability of A.S.D. Bocciofila Sondrio Sportiva, chaired by Mr. Egidio Borromeo  and the F.I.B. (Italian Bowls Federation) Provincial Committee of Sondrio I am glad to invite you to participate at the:

Individual and Team Women and Under 23 European
which will take place in Italy from  September  17 to  22, 2018 at A.S.D. Bocciofila, Sondrio Sportiva via Luigi Torelli s.n.c. (SONDRIO) Italy.

National delegations have to arrive at St. Giovanni in Persiceto on Monday,  September 17, 2018 at 14.00/15.00  and depart on  September  22, 2018 in the morning.

Each national delegation must be composed of a maximum of six people (1 Head Delegation, 1 Technician and 4 athletes one of which Under 23). The team can also participate with only 3 athletes possibly with one of them Under 23. It will be possible to have a fifth athlete (only seniors) who can act as a reserve only for the team event. In this case, this athlete will be on charge of its own federation.

Accommodation and meals, only for the national delegations, from dinner of September 17, 2018 to breakfast of September 22/2018  will be entirely borne by the Organizing Committee.

Travel expenses are borne by the participating Federations.

Delegations will stay by a 3/4 stars hotel in double or single rooms, near the playground, bed and breakfast; the other meals will be served at the organizing committee building.
For parents or friends accompanying the Delegations we recommend the following hotel:

-      Hotel SALYUT sito a Berbenno (Sondrio) see INTERNET;
-      Hotel SCHENATTI sito a Sondrio see INTERNET

(Example: single room € 45.00, double room € 80.00, triple room € 130.00 per day, breakfast included)

 SONDRIO can be reached by plane from Milano Malpensa or Bergamo al Serio airports, by car trough roadmap.
A bus of the Organization will wait the National Delegations at the airport to drive them at the hotel and at the Bocciofila.
In attachment, we send you the registration form asking you to fill it in and forward it within Monday, July 23 /2018 to:
Secretariat of C.E.R .: Ms. Paola Pigni; internazionale@federbocce.it

Presidency of C.E.R.: Mr Bruno Casarini; lombardia@federbocce.it  presidente.consorzio@fastpiu.it

C.E.R Technical Commissioner: Dino Amadò, Fadenbrücke 6, CH-6374 Buochs, email: dino@amado.ch , Fax: +4141 6206469.

The registration fee for the Championships, is € 100.00 for each component of the delegation (as decided in the last Assembly of S. Giovanni in Persiceto) and must be paid within July the 23th, 2018 on the current account in the name of:
Campionati europei Bocciofila Soc. A.D.S. SONDRIO SPORTIVA
Bank details : IBAN: IT71W0569611000000008100X49; BIC: POSOIT22

Waiting for your prompt submission of the registration, I send You all my best regards.

The President of C.E.R
    Bruno Casarini


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